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What an Ancestral Healing Can Look Like

Last week I had the privilege to hold space for a client and what came forward was an ancestral healing process. I want to clarify that the intention for the session wasn't to seek out anything specific. I ask the Universe and my client's Guides to show me what is up for healing. After getting grounded, we identified an energy in her space that was causing mental fog, draining personal power and causing self-doubt. We traced this energy back multiple generations on the maternal side. Hundreds of years ago a woman agreed to allow this foreign energy into her space as a form of protection so that she could still get her basic needs met, and so that she and her future generations would not be persecuted for being 'in their power.' 

To clear the energy we ask for the help of Archangel Michael, and an ascended master called Hilarion that my client was called to work with, as well as one more ascended master whose specialty is present time energy. We visualize the foreign energy being drawn out of the space by our Spirit helpers, cutting the energetic cords, and allowing the foreign energy to be dissolved. 

Next, we clear the agreement that was made to allow this energy into her space. My client creates a mental picture of what this 'agreement' or spiritual contract may have looked like and what it said, For example, 'I agree to allow this energy into my space so that I can get my basic needs met and stay safe.' This was an agreement that came with the body that my client's spirit chose to incarnate into. Then we visualize that agreement being blown up or dissolved, along with running forgiveness energy to release any shame, guilt, or blame along with the agreement. As that agreement is destroyed that energy is cleared all the way back through the line of ancestors. After that old agreement is cleared, we visualize or create a new agreement saying something like, "In present time, I am safe and my personal power is my birthright!"

Finally, we bring the energy of this new agreement into her space and let that new energy integrate throughout her energetic, mental, emotional, and physical bodies. 

And there you have it, that is what an ancestral healing process can look like.

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