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My Very First Energy Tool!

In 2014 I took an Intro to Rock Climbing course through the Mountaineers Club. Our last class was a field-trip out to a local crag. As I was on the ground belaying someone climbing above me, I couldn’t help but overhear this guy standing next to me also belaying, talking about some meditation group. This piqued my interest and I made a mental note to ask him about it later. It also happened to be one of the people I carpooled with. Well, I ended up leaving a water bottle in his car and when I went back over to pick it up from him, he made us some green juice which was a new and very different experience and type of person for me to be around. He told me about something called a “Life Activation” and how this could change my life. He had been studying with The Modern School of Mystery, which to me is intriguing in and of itself! I remember feeling really interested and excited and thinking, “Maybe this is what I need.” The more unconscious part of that thought was that this is what I needed to fix me. At this point, I was just over one-year clean and sober and trying to figure out what to do with my life.

A few days later I had a session with my outpatient counselor and told him about this experience. As I was telling him, there was something that didn’t feel 100% clear and bright. My counselor asked if I felt like I was being sold to and yes that was it! It wasn’t necessarily being sold to because this guy wanted to make money but being sold on the idea that this was the only way I could begin healing my life and that he had to perform this thing for me/on me, whatever. Even with this clarity which was refreshing I still wasn’t completely ready to let it go.

See my desire to feel better was STRONG! For the past year, I had been building a foundation for a clean and sober lifestyle, which includes changing everything! I had also been working on staying out of depression and trying to figure out what I was living for. I participate in the 12-step program Narcotics Anonymous and I have a sponsor who helps me work through those steps of recovery.

Within the week of this field trip, learning about the Life Activation and meeting with my counselor, I attended a barbecue that my sponsor was hosting with her spiritual circle. At that barbeque, I met a woman who had done a soul retrieval with my sponsor. I learned that this woman had also previously worked at the same child services facility where I had also worked. It was a tough job, caring for young children with severe trauma backgrounds. So having that connection built some instant rapport. I shared with this woman about my experience with this other guy and the life activation. And that is when she taught me my first energy tool that I still use today. She told me how she had used this tool just earlier today to decide whether she would ride her bike or the bus to get to this event. She simply suggested that I visualize two roses. One for her and one for the other guy and ask the Universe to light up the rose of the right person to work with. (Spoiler alert: It ended up being her)

So this is how I found the energy healer I still work with today. As I look back on this memory I love noticing how all the pieces just came together and how it feels like the Universe aligned things just so, but also that I responded with curiosity and authenticity. I will also mention that around this same time I was re-reading one of my favorite books, The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. It’s kind of a cheesy story but the spiritual principles are spot-on, like noticing synchronicities!


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