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Astrology Crash Course

A delightful journey crafted for people of all learning styles!

In just three captivating hours, you'll discover how to unravel the profound wisdom in your personal birth chart.

What You Will Learn:

  • Astrology Fundamentals: Zodiac signs, Planets, Houses

  • How to add all of those pieces together to create the cohesive, meaningful story of your Soul!

  • Read your natal chart

  • Track transiting planets

  • To use astrology to understand yourself and others better


 Unveil the wonders of astrology and ignite a deeper connection to your authentic self.

This crash course was designed for people of all learning styles to come in with no prior knowledge of astrology and leave with a copy of your chart and the basic confidence to read it. 

In a playful and profound afternoon, you will walk away with a deep understanding of your own personal natal chart.

We will spend time learning about the fundamentals of astrology and understanding how to read the map of your chart.


You will learn a simple and enlightening system for how to understand the Planets, Signs and Houses.


Finally, we will dive deeply into your 3 biggies (Sun, Moon, Rising) and begin adding all the pieces together to create a cohesive, meaningful story of your Soul’s map using fun visuals, glue sticks and scissors, and fill-in-the blank sentences. 

Who it's for:

  • Beginners - no prior knowledge needed

  • Curious spirits yearning to understand themselves and others better

  • Aspiring astrologers - learn a simple yet enlightening system to read your chart

This is an intensive 3-hour activity-based workshop where you will be working with the particulars of your chart and learning tools to read other charts.  You will receive:

  • Copy of your Natal Chart

  • Workbook

  • Reference Guide

  • Activity Materials

  • Natal chart interpretation by a professional astrologer

  • Skills to read other charts

Be the first to know when the next Astrology Crash Course is being offered!

Look forward to connecting soon!

Astrology Crash Course originally created by Veronica Dornsmith of Soul Map Mandalas

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