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Astrology Offerings

Isn't it pretty cool that each of us have our own personal star map!

Known as your natal chart, this map reveals the journey that your soul created before incarnating.  

Your personal chart contains a tremendous amount of deep wisdom in all areas of life. A reading can help you decode what you came here to learn, the gifts you are meant to share, and how you can move through your life with more ease and harmony. 

What hooked me on Astrology:

When I learned that I have Virgo (organization) energy in my 5th house (self-expression) it instantly clicked that this is why I like dance class better than ecstatic dance and prefer paint-by-number over a blank canvas. While I can definitely push my edge for an expanding experience through ecstatic dance, it makes sense that I feel the most freedom of self-expression within a structure. 

Through this understanding I was able to release shame and judgements I was holding about myself around self-expression. The more I study my chart the more I learn about how to nurture my gifts and yield to the teachings that promote my evolution.  

I use astrology to help people find compassion for why they do the things they do, understand the learning and growth opportunities, clarify their purpose, and embrace their greatest gifts.

Personal Birth Chart Readings
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A great place to start for your first reading and to continue diving deeper into your personal star map!

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Astrology Readings

Partner and Relationship Readings


Once you have an understanding of your child's natal chart we will combine it with your chart and see what this journey reveals!


If you want to learn to read your own chart, then this is what you are looking for:

Written Reports

Written Reports
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