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⚡ Recharge Your Battery 🔋

I have a sneaking suspicion that you may be sensitive to energy. Maybe you can feel your friends emotions as they are telling you their story, or the energy of a crowd overwhelms you. These are both situations that can drain your energy.

When you're low on energy you're not able to be fully in the present moment. This causes us to miss out on experiencing the joys of life, like connecting with our friends and family, having fun and feeling peaceful!

In a previous email, I shared about grounding which is the first step to get present and reconnect with yourself. If you missed that email you can get caught up here.

The next step is to bring your energy back to the now. Calling your energy back from the past, the future, from all the people, places, and things, letting that energy be neutralized, and then absorbing it back into your space is how we recharge our personal battery!

Without all of your life force, it may be hard to think clearly and make confident decisions, you may not feel very motivated, and it's probably pretty difficult to take good care of yourself.

Let's try it now: Visualize a giant golden sun above your head. Now ask that all your energy be returned to this sun. Like a magnet, all of your energy is drawn back to this sun to be neutralized before it enters your space. You can then poke a hole in the bottom of that sun and let all of that fresh energy flow down into your head and let it fill in your entire body and overflowing into your personal bubble! How do you feel?

Recharging your energetic battery is what we focus on in the third week of my upcoming course.

Have you found value in the tools I've been sharing over the recent past? That was just a brief introduction into what we will be diving into in my upcoming course, Clearing Your Energy 101. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. Shoot me an email or book a phone call. I look forward to connecting with you!


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