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Run & Hide or Lean In?

Vulnerability Alert: This morning I was experiencing overwhelm which then commonly turns to irritability. I felt like my attention was urgently needed in 12 different places. I was spinning out and not really getting anything done. Then I had an appointment with my business coach that, of course, I felt like I was too busy to show up for. But following through with my word is something that is very important to me. So I showed up and talked about what was going on.

I settled into my chair and as I began to tell my story, I started to feel more grounded (less spinning.) I had to slow down and become present, and allow my spirit to settle back into my body, to share the truth about what was going on. That's when the feelings surfaced! I was feeling really bad about wasting someone's time because I had accidentally double booked myself. This yucky feeling was informing me that I had compromised my values. (The one about following through with my word.) I am also moving and have been feeling unsupported. And then also trying to run a business and generate income for this house that I just bought! That's where the 'urgency' energy comes in and amplifies the overwhelm.

I'm sharing these feelings with my listener, and I had the realization that me spinning out was actually avoiding the pain. The pain of feeling unsupported, and having had compromised my values. I'll admit that I probably would've continued spinning and trying to frantically get things done, all the while my feelings continue building. This scheduled meeting allowed me to have a 'witness' to first get honest with, feel the feelings, and then release them! Woah! This felt like a hugh "aha" moment and a perfect opportunity to share my process of going from overwhelm/pain avoidance/ungrounded to grounded and rebalanced by moving through those feelings. As well as gathering the information that those feelings had for me around what was underneath like feeling unsupported and behavior that was misaligned with my values.

Moral of the Story: Getting grounded brings one back to the present moment, allows feelings to surface, information is extracted from those feelings, and then the energy of those feelings released from one's body and energetic space. It can be difficult to do this for yourself by yourself, so find a trusted friend/mentor who can hold space (listen non-judgmentally) for this process.


So, "Grounding" is this buzzword that gets thrown around quite a bit. But what does it actually mean? I'm sure that there is more than one definition. Here's mine: Grounding is being connected to the Earth, energetically and/or physically. Maybe you've experienced feeling centered? That's it!

When you are grounded, you are all the way in your body in the present moment.

So that means that you are aware of the sensations your body is experiencing right now such as the gravity holding your feet to the ground.

Being present means that you're not reminiscing about the past or fretting about the future.

These are not 'bad' things to do, there is just an intentional time for those activities.

Grounding is the foundation of energy healing. It is the very first tool that I learned and that I am sharing with you in Clearing Your Energy 101.

This course is for you if you're feeling overwhelmed and disconnected. The techniques I'm sharing with you will allow you to access clarity, find inspiration, and experience serenity. The most favorite benefit my clients tell me is the deep relaxation they feel after a very short time.

You probably already have some ways to 'center' yourself. What are they?

How are they working for you?

Here is an example of they way that I get grounded.


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