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Energy Balancing & Chakra Healing

Here's an example of how you create energy:

Think back to a time when you were really mad. Could you feel that anger in your body? That's energy that you created. Until this energy is released, it will be stored somewhere within your physical and energetic bodies. When this old energy continues to accumulate it causes emotional turmoil and manifests physical distress. 



External Event



What does a session look like?

Curled up on a comfy couch with a cup of hot tea, or laying down, if you prefer. We will chat about what's going on for you and as you speak I will be looking at the energy and helping you to release it. If there is no single pressing concern then we will dive right into a grounding meditation.

After that, we will go through each of your chakras to see how the energy is flowing. I will be guiding you through with visualizations so that you can connect with each of your energy centers and begin to get a feel for sensing and identifying energy.


Each session is so highly personalized, it's hard to say exactly how we will be shifting your energy. We may create energetic boundaries to protect your space, we may need to cut energetic cords to release other people's energy. Some other examples include; reclaiming aspects of your little child that were shut-down, clearing foreign energies or entities, destroying energetic machines, clearing family agreements and past life agreements.


One important aspect of releasing energies that are no longer serving you is clearing the agreements that you have to keep it in your space. Often it was at one time a form of protection to keep this blockage in your space to keep you safe. We will clear any agreements that are no longer serving your highest good and I will walk you through creating new agreements! I love that part! 

To close the session we will call back all of your misplaced energy back into your space so that you can be in your full power in the present moment and fill in all of the places where you released and shifted old energy!


Benefits of Energy Healing


When you release old negative energy you will be draining mental fog at the same time. Draining the fogginess creates space for clarity, to hear your own thoughts and make confident decisions with ease. I also teach tools for you to protect your own space so that you can't let people "get in your head."


The greatest spiritual benefit is a deep sense of connection, to yourself, others, and the Universe! Being connected to the web of life is a powerful way to manifest your dreams! 


By removing blockages and restoring the flow of energy, your body will begin cleansing and detoxing. This may look like sinus drainage, need extra sleep, your body asking for different food, etc. Each body responds to energetic healing differently. Improved sleep and more consistent energy throughout the day are common benefits. Energy healing is incredibly beneficial for chronic pain. 


When each of the energy centers (chakras) in our bodies are balanced, our emotions balance out as well. There are specific attributes to each chakra, and while I can help open and revitalize these energy centers, another part of our work involves getting to the source of what is causing this energetic imbalance.

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