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Energy Healing & Chakra Balancing

Do you feel lost in your life?

Are you highly impacted by your own and others' emotional states?

​Are you stuck in a rut or self-destructive pattern?

Do you feel confused about what you are doing and why?

Feeling 'off'?

Do you feel overwhelmed when trying to make even small decisions?

Learn tools to sustain your flow and balance 

Access your inner wisdom to see your path clearly

Grow your courage to take confident aligned action

Restore balance to your whole system

Keep your energy clear and bright!

What does a session look like?

In the comfort of your own home, we will connect over the phone or video conference. We will check in about what's going on for you and as you speak I will be looking at the energy and helping you to release it. If there is no single pressing concern then we will dive right into a grounding meditation.


After that, we will go through each of your chakras to see how the energy is flowing. I will be guiding you through visualizations so that you can connect with each of your energy centers and begin to get a feel for sensing and identifying energy.


Each session is highly personalized, based on what is needed to shift your energy. A few things we may address include energetic boundaries/protection, cutting energetic cords, reclaiming aspects of your little child, clearing foreign energy or entities, destroying energetic machines, and healing family/past life agreements. 


One important aspect of releasing energies that are no longer serving you is clearing the agreements that you have that keep it in your space. Often, it was at one time a form of protection to keep you safe. We will clear any agreements that are no longer serving your highest good and I will walk you through creating new agreements! I love this part! 

To close the session we will call back all of your misplaced energy back into your space so that you can be in your full power in the present moment and fill in all of the places where you released and shifted old energy!

I started working with Charli recently, to help me with my anxiety and to help with improving my spiritual energy. So far I've gotten that and more! I don't think I realized how much my internal beliefs and scripts we're holding me back in every part of my life. In such a short time I've become more confident, more connected to my true self, let go of what no longer serves me, and found the next steps to take for my personal growth and career. She is a very warm and steady presence and has a way of guiding you that feels loving and still pushes you toward your best. I highly recommend a session with Charli, you will be very happy you did.

-Nicole S., Seattle

Charli is a beautiful soul with an incredible gift. She spent an hour with me and gave me a lot of clarity about some issues I have been trying to sort out spiritually. She has great energy and had insights about my life that I had never shared with anyone. Thank you Charli!

-Katie S., Seattle

Benefits of Energy Healing


When you release old negative energy you will be draining mental fog at the same time. Draining the fogginess creates space for clarity, to hear your own thoughts and make confident decisions with ease. I also teach tools for you to protect your own space so that you can't let people "get in your head."


The greatest spiritual benefit is a deep sense of connection, to yourself, others, and the Universe! Being connected to the web of life is a powerful way to manifest your dreams! 


By removing blockages and restoring the flow of energy, your body will begin cleansing and detoxing. This may look like sinus drainage, need extra sleep, your body asking for different food, etc. Each body responds to energetic healing differently. Improved sleep and more consistent energy throughout the day are common benefits. Energy healing is incredibly beneficial for chronic pain. 


When each of the energy centers (chakras) in our bodies are balanced, our emotions balance out as well. There are specific attributes to each chakra, and while I can help open and revitalize these energy centers, another part of our work involves getting to the source of what is causing this energetic imbalance.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is an Intuitive Energy Balancing session?

I use my intuition to offer clarity about what's going on under the surface and where there may be energetic blockages. I help you connect to your own intuition to receive information about what needs to shift to release the heavy energy that is holding you down. I walk you through clearing and rebalancing each of your chakras so that you can feel more centered and aligned and able to be present and experience joy!


There is so much more to healing that just talking about it and trying to figure it out in your brain (which I call the analyzer). All of our thoughts and experiences have an energetic charge that can’t just be mentally figured out but needs to be energetically released from your body and spirit.

What does a session look like?

In this 60 minute session, we’re going to release any and everything that is ready to go and fill you back in with your own energy, leaving you feeling more like yourself with a little extra relaxation and centering!


First, we chat about what’s going on for you in the present moment. Next, we’ll bring our attention inwards and I will walk you through guided visualizations for you to shift your energy by getting grounded and going through and clearing out each of your energy centers. Throughout the session, I will share any intuitive information that is coming through from the Universe, your Guides, and your Highest Self.

How do I use my intuition?

We can all connect to our intuition to access psychic information. I was trained and continue to practice and develop this skill. It works by connecting to the Universe, spirit guides, and to the spirit of the person I am “reading”. Basically, I am turning down the volume of my brain-mind and allowing your Highest Self to communicate with me through images, and words or phrases. One of my most memorable psychic experiences is when I described the image I was seeing and the person told me that I had just described a recurring dream they had been experiencing for many years.

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