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You will receive a detailed written report covering your 4 'biggies'

  • Sun- Main identity: Source of Vitality
  • Moon - Inner World: Emotional Needs
  • AC/Rising - Social Script: Default Personality
  • Nodes: Soul Purpose
  • Synopsis of your journey
  • Themes of your chart


You may also choose:

- Children's Natal Chart Reading: Learn how to nurture your child's gifts, support their learnings, and promote their growth.


-Prosperity Reading: Understand your relationship to work and money.


-Love & Relationship Reading: Gather valuable wisdom to thrive in your current relationship or to call in your ideal partner. 


-Shadow Healing: Decode the meaning and purpose of wounds and how to heal them.

Natal Chart Reading Written Report

  • Please complete this form to provide the information necessary to complete your reading.

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