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Recovery Coaching

There are so many ways you could've died when you were using. For some reason you didn't, you survived addiction. You've been granted a second lease on life. What are you going to do with it? What good is getting clean and sober if you aren't living a life that you love? I can help you find whatever it is that will fill the void that addiction left in your life. Working with me will support your journey for clarity, connection, and ultimately, love. 

Healing the Spiritual Roots of Addiction


It took losing practically everything for me to realize that I was a slave to drugs and alcohol. I used substances to control my feelings from early adolescence through to my late twenties. When I stopped using, I began to feel all the feelings with no way to change them or tools to cope with them. 

Underneath my addiction, I discovered that I had been protecting an extremely sensitive, and tender heart.


There are many ways that people quit using drugs and alcohol. I use the support of a 12-step program to keep from returning to substances, by working steps to understand how addiction shows up in my life.  I use energy tools to protect my tender heart while still being able to let in love. 

The key to staying clean for me was finding something that I loved more than getting high. Something that made my life worthwhile. I needed something that I felt excited to get out of bed for. You deserve that too. You didn't survive addiction to be miserable for the rest of your life.


Coaching can provide you with support, guidance, and accountability. I understand the struggles specific to addiction and depression. Although I work with a spiritual vibe, I don't expect that of my clients. This coaching work is intended for you to gain practical tools to create a peaceful, meaningful life you can be excited about.​

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