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Deepen Your Roots Essential Oil Blend

Support for Your Root Chakra 


I AM: This blend of woody aromas will promote your connection to the Earth and serve as a reminder of the roots that ground you. Healing your root chakra can reduce feelings of fear and anxiety. If you have trouble feeling present in your body or in your life, this blend can help.
When you are feeling ungrounded or struggling to feel a sense of belonging, Apply to tailbone and soles of feet. 


Contains: Fractionated coconut oil, cypress, vetiver, cedarwood, and ginger essential oils. 


-100% therapeutic grade essential oils
-Organic frationated coconut oil
-No synthetic ingredient, no parabens, cruelty-free

-Seattle Made


Medium = 5ml     
External Use Only. Test for Allergic Reaction

Root Chakra Healing Oil Blend//Deepen Your Roots//Muladhara//I AM//Grounding

SKU: 1001
  • Each chakra blend is created during ceremony while I am running healing energy. I connect with my guides to sink deeply into each chakra to discover what is needed for healing and intentionally choose each ingredient. 

    These oils are meant to be used as a tool to help you deepen your chakra healing. They can be used alone in your own meditation practice or on a daily basis to create more mindfulness around healing. I believe we are all capable of healing our own selves. My deepest desire is to teach you tools to heal yourself. I do this through individual sessions which you can learn more about on my website.

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