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This is an intentional blend of the most effective healing ingredients.
I harness the plant spirit medicine to combine healing powers.

Essential oils are the highest concentration of plant medicine.

Always apply with clean hands. Less is more. Warm it up and soften it between your fingers. Apply to tattoo and rub in, don't just let it sit on the top, it needs to penetrate and be absorbed into the skin.

Fresh Ink Tattoo Salve// Healing Balm//Scar Smooth//Shea Butter

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  • -Lavender essential oil provides anti-inflammatory, and pain relief.
    -Myrrh provides natural SPF and protects from infection.
    -Helichrysum: Antiseptic, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory
    -Frankincense helps wounds heal faster and protects from infection.
    -Shea butter protects the skin and is high in Vitamin A for healing and regenerating skin.
    -Vitamin E oil will reduce itching and allow the skin to breathe.