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Hi, I'm Charli and my main jam is teaching people how to use energy healing tools to release energy that's holding you back
to find balance and joy!

If this blue-haired mermaid can kick a drug habit and learn how to access her intuition to balance her energy, then you can too!

I guide people through self-healing journeys providing the energy healing tools and techniques to shift the energy that's keeping you from being who you really want to be.


We do this through a process of guided visualization which may include chakra balancing, shadow work, inner child reintegration, past life and ancestral healing.


As I am psychically tuned in with you during this process, I am not giving or taking any of your energy but helping you to move your own energy. 


Throughout this process, I am coaching you to access your intuition to begin sensing and identifying your own energy, as well as finding your own solutions for shifting that energy.


I am not your energetic chiropractor where you have to come to me for your adjustment. I want to give you as many tools as possible so that you can be connected to your own intuition and balance your own energies!

How I Got Here

In 2013 after struggling with addiction for 14 years, I finally quit using drugs and alcohol. For good. No matter what. It wasn't easy. That's for sure. Once I didn't have any substances to numb my feelings, my mental state declined into a deep depression. I was hospitalized for a few days and that helped get me back to a place where I was able to help myself. I got connected with a 12-step group and found a community of people who understood me and loved me through my pain until I learned to love myself. 

In 2014 I began working with an energy healer and felt such impactful shifts in my emotional, mental, and spiritual state, from each session. She helped me identify and name the energy that I was feeling. I was able to release my guilt and shame, especially from my behavior in active addiction. I used to be afraid to sit with myself, afraid of what I might find, and afraid to feel the pain. Working with my energy healer allowed me to learn that it is safe to sit with myself and having her as my witness helped me feel less scared to go in and take a real honest look at myself. And you know what? It wasn't as bad as I had imagined! I learned how to face my wounds and then release that energy so what's beneath can emerge. What I found underneath is actually a pretty cool person!

Shortly into my work with my energy healer, I realized that this is how I want to help people, what I want to share with the world! I come from a background in the social services field where I was on the front lines witnessing the pain and suffering of others and noticing the limitations of our mainstream solutions. I began taking classes at a local school to learn how to access my psychic abilities and how to use energy healing tools on myself and others, as I continued my individual work with my healer. 

I started working with clients in 2016 and noticed that there was a need to help the energetic shifts integrate more fully into the body. So I took my essential oils to the beach and connected with my guides and intuition and created a blend for each of the 7 main energy centers. Vibes Chakra Oils were introduced into stores in the summer of 2017. This line of intuitively blended and energetically charged essential oils are designed to support the balance and flow of each chakra. Similar to how crystals have their own vibration, oils have their own vibration and Vibes Chakra Oils give your chakras a vibration to match to return to balance. 

Over the past 4 years I've had the privilege to help dozens of people heal wounds to reveal the pure brightness of their soul. I love helping people connect to their intuition and tap into their own source of inner wisdom.  It brings me joy to teach people the different ways to work with, heal, integrate, and release energy so that they can feel more grounded in their body, connected to others, and centered within their Spirit. 

Choosing an energy healer to work with is a very personal decision which is why I offer a free 30-min call for us to see if we would be a good fit for working together. I will offer you the intuitive information I am picking up on from you and share with you about how energy healing could work specifically for you. Towards the end of our call,  I will walk you through a brief grounding meditation so you can get a feel for my process. You can book that call here. I look forward to connecting with you!

Charli at East West Bookshop with Vibes

Education and Training


2007 Evergreen State College. Olympia, WA. B.A. Liberal Arts - Psychology/Social Sciences

2014-2015 Psychic Awakenings. Seattle, WA.  Psychic Tools 101&102, Healing Hands 101&102

2016-2017 Rainbow Hug. Seattle, WA. Advanced Reading and Healing Techniques, Divine Female Energy Series


2019 Soul Map Mandalas. Seattle, WA. Astrology 101.  Theta Healing 1.


2016-present Rainbow Hug. Seattle, WA. Individual Healing Mentorship.

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