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After working with people individually for a couple of years now, I've noticed that there are some fundamental energy healing techniques that I teach all of my individual clients. I created this course with the intention for more people to have access to the gifts of peace, balance, and freedom that these tools can provide. 

This is For You if: you identify as an empath, you are sensitive to energy, you're feeling stressed out and overwhelmed, or if you're feeling blocked or held back.

By the end of Clearing Your Energy 101 you will have tools to:

  • Respond to overwhelm and stress with grace.

  • Be a better friend who can listen without taking on their feelings.

  • Recenter yourself when you feel lost.

  • Release negative energy from your space.

Here's How it's Going to Work:

Week One: We'll kick off our journey together with a live webinar via Zoom, (you also have the option to call in.) 

A recorded replay will be emailed to you along with your homework for the next week. The skills you'll be working on include creating a grounding cord to connect to the Earth and release stress and tension from your body and energetic space. You will also begin practicing becoming aware of your energetic boundaries. 

Week Two: We will meet again on Zoom to go over last week's homework. We'll practice grounding and then go deeper into your energetic boundaries. You'll learn about caring for your personal bubble, and how to keep other people out of your space.

You'll receive the replay with the next weeks assignments.

Week Three: Our last zoom meeting and we get to reclaim our misplaced energy! This is my favorite technique that I practice daily. 

I promise to...
- make your "self-work" fun! 
- be flexible and adapt to the needs of the group
- make myself available for additional support

Clear Your Energy 3-part Series


  • Release stress and tension

  • Access balance, fulfillment, and clarity

  • Connect to yourself

  • Reclaim your energy

  • Get grounded

  • Create energetic boundaries

3 live classes;

July 15, 22, 29th 7-7:30pm PST,

worksheets to accompany each skill,

3 weeks of support through a private Facebook group.


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Here's a few words from my clients...

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